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Service Includes

Service Includes

We offer you completion of a random or specific dungeon on selected Mythic+ difficulty within or outside of the time limit (for weekly Great Vault).

You will receive:

  • All the loot that you get in those dungeons, including gold, gear, recipes, and reputation. Mounts that have random drop chance are not included.
  • Guaranteed gear from the Great Vault. The item level of the loot depends on the highest level of the dungeon you completed during the previous week, and the amount of items to choose from depends on how many mythic pluses you cleared in the previous week.
  • Remember that the End of Dungeon chests will only have a baseline of 1 piece of Loot and +1 if you beat the timer.

We offer you to choose:

Dungeon Related Options

  • You can choose to beat the timer for an additional item reward or just a completion outside of the timer for weekly Great Vault rewards.
  • Select a random or specific dungeon you would like to complete. Please note that if you choose a specific dungeon it could take some time (up to 72 hours to find or level up a specific key).

Self play (no risk)

  • We will provide the best possible players to finish the dungeon, but to this they need some level of participation from you. You should be familiar with your class, do as much as possible and follow orders. You can change the method to piloted or end the process before we start the dungeon run, in those cases the payments will be revised and compensated.

Piloted (risk of disqualification or account suspension)

  • Despite all of our precautions with VPN and "handmade" services the developers always found some methods to be ahead and cut any account sharing activities.
  • Your character can be disqualified till the end of the season with no rewards.
  • Your account can be suspended.

Estimated Delivery Time:

  • We will help you to schedule your boost after the purchase. You can expect the service to be completed within 1-24 hours.
  • The boost will start at a scheduled time. In general, it takes about 10 minutes for an invite and the run itself takes about 40 minutes. But the additional time can be required to find or prepare a key to the specific dungeon.


  • A level 60 character with an average 180 or higher item level. Use our Powerleveling service or Full Gear service if you don't meet the requirements.
  • When Piloted option is selected - login and password for the account as well as authenticator or security code during the locking process.
  • Please note your account safety is guaranteed through NDA of your data and use of VPN.


  • We don't use any 3rd party programs or bots, all services are “handcrafted”.
  • We don't share your account data with anyone except the booster who does the order.
  • We use VPN to provide your account safety, you can pick any country of your choice or even a city.
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