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Service Includes

Service Includes

We are offering you a coaching service where you learn from and play with the top rated players in the 3v3 Arena bracket. These players will teach you the tactics, give you tips and tell you about different tricks of your class and its role in the composition you will be playing with.

You will receive:

  • Selected amount of time on arena with the top-tier players.
  • Guaranteed gear from the Great Vault . The item level of the loot depends on the highest rating you achieved during the previous week, and the amount of items to choose from depends on how many honor points you have earned in ranked arenas and/or ranked battleground in the previous week.

We offer you to choose:

Arena Related Options

  • The duration of coaching. This service is time-based and you can select the desired amount of time you wish to spend on the arena.
  • The rank of the player you will be playing with. You can choose between Rank One players of previous seasons and Gladiator players of previous seasons.

Estimated Delivery Time:

  • We will help you to schedule your boost after the purchase. You can expect the service to be completed within 1-3 days .
  • The boost will start at a scheduled time. In general, it takes about 10 minutes for an invite and typical arena lasts for about 3-5 minutes.
  • You can split the play sessions in case it takes too long or you can’t afford to spend all the time at once.


  • A level 60 character with an average 180 item level for 1600 rating or 200 average item level for 1800 and above. Set of PvP trinkets and at least 15 of Versatility stat is mandatory. Use our Powerleveling service or Full Gear service if you don't meet the requirements.


  • Please note that we can't guarantee any particular rating, all is up to your skill and participation in a team, but we can offer the best players and they will do as much as possible.
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