WoW Pathfinder Boosting in Shadowlands


WoW Pathfinder Boost — it is flying in the World of Warcraft to the Shadowlands. Buying a Shadowlands guide will save You a lot of time on small tasks that are not interesting to You. The newly introduced Pathfinder achievement concept was introduced to help the player explore WoW more. This contributes to a better immersion in World of Warcraft Shadowlands add-ons and a more detailed study of each zone.

We will help You carry the Shadowlands Pathfinder title 

LootChampion offers help from professional players to boost Your position in the game. Boosting takes from 3 to 4 weeks depending on your current progress. Our work at Pathfinder SL includes:

  • completing the meta-achievement part 1;
  • achievement of the researcher of the Shadowlands (including Bastion, Maldraxus, Ardenwald, Revendreth, Maw);
  • Transfer of Loremaster from the Shadows;
  • completion of the Covenant campaign;
  • reaching the 10th level of glory with the selected covenant to receive “Road to Glory”;
  • completion of the questlines zones: Bastion defeated, Maldraxxus Mastering, Ardenweald Achieved, Revendreth Solved;
  • Completing 100 different world quests in the Shadowlands to obtain The World Beyond achievement.

Boosting Shadowlands splits into 2 meta-achievements with SL Pathfinder unlocking:

  • Part I will increase your riding speed by 20%;
  • Part II will allow You to fly in all areas of the Shadows and get a new epic animal. 

The achievement will force You to explore all of WoW Shadowlands with the beautiful landscapes of the Bastion, the magical forests of Ardenwealth, the plague-infested regions of Maldraxus, the vampire lands of Revendreth, the wastelands of the Maw, and the capital of Oribos.

Complete all World of Warcraft challenges with dignity 

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Purchase the Shadowlands Flight Unlock and let our expert players complete the full Pathfinder achievement for You. Gain increased notoriety with the Covenant unlocking new abilities and sanctuary effects as a bonus.