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Want to witness all epic The Burning Crusade content, but hardly find time to level your character? Getting top-notch gear from TBC Dungeons and Raids seems impossible? Getting your flying mount is way too much gold to farm? There is a solution! We offer the most popular WoW TBC Services: Gold delivery, Power Leveling, PvP arena Boost, Dungeon, and Raid Carry.
WoW Burning Crusade Classic, one of the largest and most progressive expansions for World of Warcraft in all of it’s history, is brought back by Blizzard to satisfy both old-school WoW fans looking for the same experience they had with World of Warcraft and those new ones looking to discover Outland in all it's former glory.
If you are looking to get ready for all that The Burning Crusade has to offer, look no further than our WoW Boosting Service.
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What is LootChampion?

LootChampion is your go-to source for WoW TBC boosting services. We have insane variety of various services that will make your gameplay more pleasurable, improve your character and make the overall experience as smooth as possible.

People rarely have enough time to complete the most difficult and demanding sections of World of Warcraft Classic, but with our TBC boost, they can. Most of us don’t have enough time to complete the most challenging parts of World of Warcraft Classic, which will in return make you feel your character is not good enough. We at LootChampion are here to help you with that!

Our WoW TBC Classic key offers

The Burning Crusade Classic Fast Powerleveling.

Level up much faster than you normally would. You can purchase Powerleveling TBC paid services where we offer better and smarter ways to level up. For example, we can save a few days of your time bypassing the Dark Portal and taking you through the route to reach level 70 in a single area that you can freely choose. More

TBC reputation boosts.

Contribute more to the Shattrath city faction of your choice with less effort. You can choose between Scryers and Aldor, and we have special TBC Classic boost options that speed up earning exclusive reputation rewards, help you get exalted in easier ways, and get your first easy epic items without going far. More

TBC Normal and Heroic Dungeons Boosts.

Go into high-level dungeons from the start. LootChampion Powerleveling and custom boosts will help you forget about pointless low-level dungeons where you get tons of gear to replace as you go along (if you're not playing on Heroic difficulty). Go straight to the 70 level dungeons to get really valuable stuff without wasting extra nerves or effort.  More

TBC Arena Carries.

Become an Arena Boss. Arena battles will be a breeze if you get yourself a decent WoW Classic TBC boost from the options presented at LootChampion. More

The Burning Crusade Farming Services.

We can also help you with profession boosts, Attunements, collecting the rarest pets and mounts without going far. Have you been dreaming of getting one of those Netherdrakes? No problem. These and other beasts of the Outlands can be easily farmed or purchased at once at LootChampion. More

Why should you get a boost in WoW Burning Crusade Classic?

As much as you may be hardcore and dedicated gamer, there should be a limit to the endless fun that the realms of World of Warcraft provide. And, as you can guess, you simply can't put all your free time into WoW to level ahead of others, get rare items in a reasonable amount of time, and beat raids on all difficulty levels to get all the rewards without going crazy. This is where WoW Burning Crusade's Boost and Carry services come in, allowing you to save time, nerves, and an unreasonable amount of effort while getting the most out of your gaming experience.

Why buy boosts at LootChampion?

Aside from the fact that we offer the best and most affordable TBC boost price ranges, we can guarantee the quality of services that have passed the test of time. Every other service we offer is provided by real WoW boosters who know the ins and outs of the game (as well as cool shortcuts, best practices, and hidden methods). A wide range of WoW The Burning Crusade boosting services.

From regular item purchases to custom power leveling and carry options, we have it all at LootChampion. There are tons of options, each with the ability to customize the service exactly how you see fit.

Customized Approach.

Virtually any boost or service of any other kind can be customized to meet your unique needs and requirements. We're always willing to go the extra mile just to make your time worthwhile.