New World Cheap PvE Boosting

Getting into high-tier content might be really hard, as you have to grind for gear and learn the game the hard way. But you can make it easy by purchasing New World PvE boost by Loot Champion. We can carry you through expeditions or breaches without hassle.

New World's PvE content consists of two main modes: Expeditions and Invasions. Expeditions are the alternative name of a Dungeon in New World, while Invasions are more like Raids, but with a twist.

Expeditions in Aternum are made for groups of five people. The whole content consists of packs of mobs, bosses and some additions such as different puzzles. Completing the most difficult Expeditions requires a solid group of skilled players who know the tactics, how to do enough damage, tank properly and outheal the damage. Getting Expeditions Boost ensures that you don't waste your time wiping with low-skilled players and get the rewards you deserve.

Invasion on the other hand is the largest PvE experience in New World. It is similar to some Raids in other MMOs, but with different interesting mechanics like special weapons to deal with enemies sieging the area. Invasion requires 50 players and to win one, you will have to hold off the attack of corrupted enemies for 30 minutes. While it is possible to do one on your own, it is much more simple to just purchase our New World Invasion Boost.

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