New World Fast Powerleveling Services

Level up much faster than you normally would. You can purchase New World fast Powerleveling service where we offer better and smarter ways to level up. Our drivers spent days and days on NW Beta, and now know every trick to level new character in Aeternum.

Leveling in New World is mostly based on the questing routine with some additional sources of extra XP such as PvP mode or regional standings buffs. While you can simply do all the storyline quests, it's not the most efficient way to level your character in New World to the max level. Our Powerleveling boosters know all the small tricks to make the leveling fast and efficient, such as using the respawning method for faster traveling or using the hatchet for extra sustainability and mobility early on. If you want to get to max level and unlock all the endgame content without too much of a hassle, your best bet is to purchase NW Powerleveling service from LootChampion.

How to get to level 60 in New World?

There is a huge variety of options that provide experience in New World. Almost every activity can help you in reaching the maximum level in the game, but some of them require more commitment than others. Here is a list of things you can do to reach level 60 in NW:
  1. Doing quests - this includes both the story line and optional side quests;
  2. Town missions - you can do Town missions for huge experience gains as soon as you unlock Town Board;
  3. Killing mobs - this is pretty much straightforward: you kill NPC, you get experience for it;
  4. Gathering skills - win-win combo, you level your trade skill, you get materials for crafting, you get experience;
  5. Faction missions - shouldn't be missed out, as you level your Faction reputation as well.

Is there a fast way to level in New World?

Lots of activities in the game grant experience points towards your next level, but the knowledge of the most efficient ways to level only comes with practice. When the New World open beta was released, many professional players went to test it out and get the best leveling patterns to make it efficient. Of course, you can spend a lot of time enjoying the game, learning something new, but what if all your friends are already at level 60, enjoying the end-game content without you? Here we at LootChampion might be of use to you. We have a wide selection of New World Boosting services available, including Power Leveling.

What else can you Power Level in New World?

There are numerous things you can do in this new MMO game. You can dig deep into Trade Skills, or enjoy getting rare New World achievements, you can level new Skill Mastery skills. We can help with everything that can be Power Leveled.

Why should you purchase Power Leveling boost at LootChampion?

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  3. We are available 24/7 via livechat or Discord.
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