New World

New World Boosting & Primary Services

New World is the new kid on the block of MMO games set in the mid-17th century of an alternative America. Featuring different kinds of PvE and PvP activities, it feels like a fresh breeze with skillshot system and classless design. We offer the most popular boosting services in New World, whether be it farming and leveling, getting carried through expeditions or getting wins in battlegrounds. If you feel like having an extra hour of not farming gear in expeditions or getting skill and character levels, but still want your character to progress, we're here to help you with that.

New World is one of the most anticipated new MMO games announced in the decade featuring all the types of content we love. You can level your character the way you like without any class restrictions, delve into epic expeditions (which is the New World's name for Dungeons) or jump in epic PvP battles to show everyone what you're made of. But, as with all the MMO games, you'll have to farm your way through the game to be able to compete with other players.
If you are already feeling sick of the "farm your way", look no further than our New World Boosting Service. We will do all the boring routines for you so that you will have the most fun this game has to offer without getting your hands dirty. We have a large selection of boosting services to satisfy all your needs.

What is LootChampion?

LootChampion is your go-to source for New World boosting services. We have an insane variety of various services that will make your gameplay more pleasurable, improve your character and make the overall experience as smooth as possible.

Most of us don’t have enough time to complete the most challenging parts of New World, which will in return make you feel your character is not good enough. We at LootChampion are here to help you with that! Our premium and fast NW boosting services will surely satisfy all your daily gaming needs.

Our New World key offers

New World Fast Powerleveling.

Level up much faster than you normally would. You can purchase Powerleveling in New World service where we offer better and smarter ways to level up. For example, we can save a few days of your time by leveling the most efficient way, as our leveling boosters know all the tricks and shortcuts.

New World gold delivery.

If you're feeling broke or need that extra currency to buy something valuable, feel free to ask for our quote on the gold on your server. Farming gold on your own can be boring and time-consuming, all our gold farming boosters are doing it in manual mode without using any botting software, so it's completely safe to buy New World gold from LootChampion.

New World expeditions carry.

If you're feeling like it's impossible to complete expeditions with random groups, look no further. We have professional New World expeditions boosters with vast experience in other MMO games who can effortlessly carry you through your expedition run without any hassle.

New World Invasions and Breaches carry.

Sick of farming Invasions or Corrupted Breaches for unique rewards and high character scores? We can provide a professional driver that will effortlesly do New World Invasions and Corrupted Breaches carry for you.

New World Trade Skills boosting.

We can also help you with profession boosts, which is by far one of the most time-consuming content in the game. There is no point in harvesting materials on your own to level some more skills of the profession of your choice, we will do New World Trade Skills boost for you while you're enjoying anything you like outside of the game.

Why should you get a boost in New World?

As much as you may be hardcore and dedicated gamer, there should be a limit to the endless fun that the New World brings. And, as you can guess, you simply can't put all your free time into NW to level ahead of others, get rare items in a reasonable amount of time, and beat expeditions to get all the rewards without going crazy. This is where New World's Boost and Carry services come in, allowing you to save time, nerves, and an unreasonable amount of effort while getting the most out of your gaming experience.

Why buy boosts at LootChampion?

Aside from the fact that we offer the best and most affordable NW boost price ranges, we can guarantee the quality of services that have passed the test of time. Every other service we offer is provided by real NW boosters who know the ins and outs of the game (as well as cool shortcuts, best practices, and hidden methods). A wide range of New World boosting services is available at LootChampion,

be it regular item purchases and custom power leveling, or different carry options, we have it all at LootChampion. There are tons of options, each with the ability to customize the service exactly how you see it fit.

Customized Approach.

Virtually any boost or service of any other kind can be customized to meet your unique needs and requirements. We're always willing to go the extra mile just to make your time worthwhile.